Kernel Architecture of Various Popular Operating Systems.

Overview : UNIX : Layered Architecture Linux : Monolithic Architecture Windows : Hybrid Architecture (Microkernel + Layered) Mach : Microkernel Architecture. UNIX KERNEL ARCHITECTURE : Unix OS considers files and processes as the most important entities.   Unix offers a shell that acts as a command interpreter between the user and the kernel. The relevant part of the kernel is […]

Virtual Machine Architecture

Virtualization can be defined as the process of creating multiple copies of an object. A virtual machine is a virtualization of a machine. The software that creates multiple copies of a machine is called a virtual machine monitor (VMM) or a hypervisor. Each virtual machine have its own OS called ‘guest OS’ and the OS on which hypervisor is running […]

Types of Operating System Architecture Models

There are mainly three types of operating system architecture models : Monolithic OS : Used in older but smaller operating systems. Operating system is divided into procedures. Each procedure have a particular task and all procedures have common data structures and system tables. Each procedure can call other procedures. Resulting in high degree of inter-process dependency. Very little importance is […]

Processor Execution Modes

There are mainly three types of OS architecture models : Monolithic OS Layered OS Client-server or microkernel OS In every model, there are two modes of processor execution : the user mode and the system mode. Application programs run in the user mode whereas the operating system runs in the system mode. The system mode is also called the kernel […]