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Linux find and replace in string

Some useful ways to manipulate files: Array: Array could be crated like You can see that values are separated through space. Store multiline string to variable: Use cat command like below: Be careful with ‘END’ word. There should be any space before it, otherwise it will considered as a line. Looping through array: We can

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Install any perl module on CentOS

First make user CPAN is installed. To check run ‘cpan’ command. If it is installed then you be in the cpan CLI. To quit the CLI write ‘q’ and press enter. If not installed please go here To install any module, use following command: In above command ‘SHA’ is the module that is installed.

Install CPAN on CentOS

CPAN allows to install perl modules. Use following command to install CPAN: Then configure it using following command: Most of the configuration could be done automatically. So choose that option. To quit the cpan CLI write ‘q’ and press enter.

General Overview Of UNIX System

First UNIX system was developed in 1969 and ran on systems from microprocessors to mainframes and provided a common execution environment across them. The system was divided into two parts : Programs and services: It is the part readily apparent to users e.g. shell, mail text editor etc. Operating System: That supports above-mentioned programs and service.

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