Install LiteSpeed Server, PHP 8.1, Mysql (MariaDB) on AlmaLinux (RHEL)

For older post visit here. Run the following commands in order: While executing last from above list, you face error “nothing provides …”. To resolve this run: Then continue: Edit the server config file: and replace ‘lsphp73’ (version could be different) With Now you have installed LiteSpeed server with PHP 8.1 Your admin URL … Read more

Create IPA React Native

Get the .app file: react-native run-ios –configuration=release .app file path Build/Products/Release/”<Your_Filename>.app”. In my Case it was: Convert .app to .ipa : Create folder Payload. paste .app file into Payload folder. compress the Payload folder. change the name you want and put extension as .ipa.


On your Mac, you can use Terminal to see the amount of data you’ve written to your drive. List disks List disk SMART information You will get something like: Windows doesn’t have a built-in way to check the amount of data you’ve written to disk, so you must instead turn to a third-party application. I … Read more

Select Xcode to use React Native

First ensure the required version is installed. If only one version is there then there is no need for this step. If you are using multiple versions then use the following command to change: Now your react native for IOS will use the above Xcode. Cheers and Peace Out!!!

XCode 12 on MacOS Monterey

Open Terminal and paste following: is the name of the Xcode app. It could be something else if you have renamed it. Cheers and Peace out !!!

MSSQL Add full text search (Linux)

If you need to add a full text search index on you column, then you need to add an extra package. You can install it by using the following command: If the package is not found, then you need to go to Windows Docs to install the required repository. After that you just to need … Read more

Setup VPN, for Static IP And Security And Fast Connectivity

If you are living anywhere in the world and using a consumer grade broadband, then it’s most probably sluggish in international connectivity. It’s because consumer grade broadband provider have limited international bandwidth and have a lots of peering (connection arrangements) with local content providers (hosting companies). There are also internet exchanges locally, that delivers the … Read more

WordPress OpenLitespeed Server 404 on any Link (pages, posts)

As I have been trying to move to litespeed server from apache, I have faced an issue with subroutes i.e. pages and posts. WordPress uses .htaccess for URL rewriting, but OpenLitespeed is not a drop-in replacement for Apache web server (yeah I know, it’s drop-in replacement for enterprise edition). So, after I tried updating .htaccess … Read more