Mount Volumes to Windows Server in Hetzner Cloud

At the time of writing this article there were not any instructions for attaching Hetzner cloud volume with Hetzner cloud windows server. Hetzner only provides instructions for Linux and not for windows. Disk Management or Diskpart  utility or any other software was not helpful for me. So, you can do it easily by following below steps. These steps were performed […]

Play HEVC (x265) HDR Videos In Windows 10

Sometimes you come across files which are large or encoded in format that your media player cannot play it. I had same issue with a video file encoded in HEVC 10bit and HDR format. I was not able to play it reliably with any media player like VLC, DivX, Films & TV (Windows 10 inbuilt player). The VLC player was […]

Install aria2 1.34.0 on CentOS

I have created a rpm with latest source of aria2. This rpm is built for centos 7. You can download the latest rpm from link below: gpgcheck have to be turned off because rpm is not signed. Run following command to install aria2 : Install the rpm using: How I did that? Means, how I created the RPM file. Well, […]

Get Interface Speed In Linux Using Shell Script

Following is the shell script you can use to check the current throughput of network interface #!/bin/bash var=0 interface=”eth0″ while [ $var -eq 0 ] do tx=`cat /sys/class/net/$interface/statistics/tx_bytes` rx=`cat /sys/class/net/$interface/statistics/rx_bytes` sleep 1s tx1=`cat /sys/class/net/$interface/statistics/tx_bytes` rx1=`cat /sys/class/net/$interface/statistics/rx_bytes` txw=`expr $tx1 – $tx` rxw=`expr $rx1 – $rx` echo “$txw:$rxw” | cat > /home/speed.txt done Please check $interface variable value. It should be the […]

Mariadb (Mysql) Failed Due To tc.log error

Today I restarted my CentOS 7.4 server and I found that my Mariadb server is not starting. While trying the command systemctl start mariadb the server showed error that Mariadb (MySql) server is unable to start try the command systemctl status mariadb for more information. I tried the above mentioned command and there was following error shown by above command […]

Apache SSL certificate errors – wrong certificate served

Apache serving self signed certificated instead of your configured SSL. So you’ve configured Apache just like you want to. You’ve even added an SSL certificate to allow your users to securely navigate on your site. And you test it, and everything works, across all browsers you have access to… and you receive a dreaded call that there is a certificate […]

Setup VPS as SeedBox Centos7

You should have access to SSH (Terminal). Now use the following command to update the system: yum -y update Now reboot the system using ” reboot ” Command. Now install wget utility yum -y install wget After it, we need to download a .sh file. Use the following command to do it: wget Now run the script bash Wait for it to complete…. […]