Compile and Integrate OpenCv 3.4.1 Into Codeblocks 17.12 With GCC 5.1.0

Needed Tools: OpenCv 3.4.1 Windows self-extracting archive Download CodeBlocks 17.12 Without Mingw Download Cmake 3.12 .msi Download TDM-GCC-64 (tdm64-gcc-5.1.0-2.exe) Download Common Sense Download 🙂 Steps: Install and open Cmake Download and Extract Opencv (exe is a type of package. It will ask you the path when you open the opencv.exe)  in directory c:\Opencv Create new … Read more

Things to note about Functions in C plus plus (C++)

While passing arguments, the function creates copies of the arguments passed to it. This type of passing arguments is called passing by value. We can pass structure as arguments. We can also return a structure. Useful while returning multiple values. Passing by reference : e.g. void intfunc(float& a, int& b); We can also pass structures … Read more

Things to note about Structure in C plus plus (C++)

Initializing structure structure_name variable_name = {value1,value2,…,valueN}; Initializing nested structure structure_name variable_name = { {value1, value2},{value3,value4}}; A structure can be nested up to any depth in theory. Structure can hold data and functions (In c they can only hold data) An enum declaration defines the set of all names that will be permissible values of the … Read more

Important Things to Note About Loops and Decision in C++

Before C++ true and false were represented as 1 and 0 respectively. But C++ uses both. Other than 0 all values represent true. Library function exit() : exit(0) : Normal Exit exit(other numerical value) : Error / Abnormal exit. This function is present in ‘process.h’ Library function getche(): This function is present in conio.h No … Read more

C++ Basics Which May Have Been Skipped In Class

White-space is completely ignored by compiler : Not True. There are few restrictions apply to this rule. e.g. Preprocessor directives must be in same line. ‘cout’ could not be broken. Cout, Cin are objects : These are overloaded. Cout – ‘<<‘ (Put to or insertion operation) and ‘>>’ (extraction or get operator). Directives : Preprocessor … Read more