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Compile and Integrate OpenCv 3.4.1 Into Codeblocks 17.12 With GCC 5.1.0

Needed Tools: OpenCv 3.4.1 Windows self-extracting archive Download CodeBlocks 17.12 Without Mingw Download Cmake 3.12 .msi Download TDM-GCC-64 (tdm64-gcc-5.1.0-2.exe) Download Common Sense Download 🙂 Steps: Install and open Cmake Download and Extract Opencv (exe is a type of package. It will ask you the path when you open the opencv.exe)  in directory c:\Opencv Create new

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Things to note about Structure in C plus plus (C++)

Initializing structure structure_name variable_name = {value1,value2,…,valueN}; Initializing nested structure structure_name variable_name = { {value1, value2},{value3,value4}}; A structure can be nested up to any depth in theory. Structure can hold data and functions (In c they can only hold data) An enum declaration defines the set of all names that will be permissible values of the

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