Install aria2 1.35.0 on CentOS

A new version of aria2 is now available and I have created the rpm for this version too. It was compiled on centos7. Download link for aria2 1.35.0 rpm is given below: gpgcheck have to be turned off because rpm is not signed. Run following command to install aria2 : Install the rpm using: … Read more

HSTS Settings On Apache and Difference in Headers

Below is the line that have to be put in <VirtualHost *:443> where ‘*’ can be remained as it is or can be changed if you know what you are doing. Do not put below in HTTP virtual host block i.e. <VirtualHost *:80> (port and ‘*'(IP) can be anything if you have configured your server … Read more

Install Windows On Hetzner Cloud Server

Deploy a server with minimum below configuration: 4GB RAM, 40 GB DISK Choose any Linux version Now use the web console to access the VPS. The icon will be in the server overview. Go to ISO images section and mount Windows server of your choice. Now Turn off the server. The icon at the right … Read more