Install a MEAN (MongoDB, Express JS, Angular JS, Node JS) Stack

We have used Centos 7.5 64bit to install the stack. So, follow below steps as root user: yum -y update yum -y install epel-release yum -y update yum -y install node NPM may not be installed try below command: yum -y install npm mkdir /home/web cd /home/web npm install express –save vi /etc/yum.repos.d/mongodb-org-4.0.repo Insert following … Read more

Keywords In Python : A Brief Introduction

List of Keywords in Python This tutorial provides brief information on all keywords used in Python. Keywords are the reserved words in Python. We cannot use a keyword as variable name, function name or any other identifier. Here’s a list of all keywords in Python Programming Keywords in Python programming language False class finally is … Read more

Get Interface Speed In Linux Using Shell Script

Following is the shell script you can use to check the current throughput of network interface #!/bin/bash var=0 interface=”eth0″ while [ $var -eq 0 ] do tx=`cat /sys/class/net/$interface/statistics/tx_bytes` rx=`cat /sys/class/net/$interface/statistics/rx_bytes` sleep 1s tx1=`cat /sys/class/net/$interface/statistics/tx_bytes` rx1=`cat /sys/class/net/$interface/statistics/rx_bytes` txw=`expr $tx1 – $tx` rxw=`expr $rx1 – $rx` echo “$txw:$rxw” | cat > /home/speed.txt done Please check $interface variable … Read more