Test Deep Link IOS and Android Simulators

Use the following command for android and IOS when the emulator/simulator is running: For IOS just change the flag like below That’s it. Other way on IOS is sending a message in simulator and then clicking on that. But on android only https and http schemes can be tested with messaging app.

List all available devices (Simulators) on Mac

Use the following command to check the available devices: What you can do with the above is, while developing the react native apps, you may want to select specific device and IOS version. So, you could use it like: This way you will have full control for the device to test on.

Reset Android Studio on Mac

Delete the following folder: ~/Library/Application Support/Google/AndroidStudio4.1 Please check for the version in name ‘AndroidStudio4.1′, as it could be different depending on which version you are using. You may also find folders with older Android Studio versions.

Compatible side by side NDK version was not found

Go to SDK manager => Appearance and Behavious => System Settings => Android SDK => and install NDK side by side. It could be tricky to find the compatible version with your application. For android API level 29, version 20.1.5948944 worked. So, if you are trying some older API level you should try some older … Read more

Debug React Native network calls with Android Studio

I hope you have installed android studio, SDKs and Tools for your platform as specified on React native ‘get started’ guide. Now start your app in debugging mode. It should run you app in the android emulator that you are running. Open android studio. Select the ‘Profile or Debug APK’ option from right side key … Read more

Profile or debug apk “please select android sdk” issue fix

Solution. There are 2 places to check if the SDK was set correctly. File-> Project Structure… -> Project Settings -> Project Ensure that Java SDK is set under “Project SDK”. (for example, ‘12.0.1 (java version “12.0.1”)’) Project Settings -> Project (tab) File-> Project Structure… -> Project Settings -> Modules -> -> Dependencies Ensure that your installed … Read more