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Access Realm in Realtime for a React Native App on iOS

If you’re running your app in one of Xcode’s simulators, then the Realm files are stored in your Mac’s file system. They’re typically somewhere along the lines of ~/Library/Developer/CoreSimulator/Devices/???????/data/Containers/Data/Application/???????/Documents/mongodb-realm/???????/????????/???????.realm. While my app’s in development, I’ll normally print the location of a Realm’s file whenever I open it. Don’t worry if you’re not explicitly opening your

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IOS get time in Nanoseconds Or Milliseconds

To get the time in nano seconds or milli seconds use the following code snippet: For more on this look into the IOS docs: mach_absolute_time | Apple Developer Documentation There is another method now, which we can use directly and make it more concise: For more details of the IOS version support check the chromium

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IOS deep linking. All you need to know

Official tutorial from WWDC: Example of association file: The app id is combination of: Application Id + Application package identifier. You can find your appId against the identifier you have created on apple developer account. You also need to enable ‘Associated domains’ capability in your identifier settings from developer account. Detailed articles: Reddit association

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