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Azure AD Token Authentication Web API

Authentication example: Where AzureAdOptions contains the configuration of your Azure AD. MyJwtEventsHandler is the implementation of JwtEventsHandler. e.g. Register authentication: MyAuthorizationMiddlewareResultHandler is the middleware behaviour overrider. Check Microsoft docs for more details. Use on your controller: Cheers and Peace out!!!

Design time services .Net

Sometimes we need to override the process of model creation in the DB first approach. Maybe we want to create a base class for some common functionality of all the models. So, what we could do is, use the Design Time Services: Design-time services – EF Core | Microsoft Learn. We could use ‘Custom Reverse

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.Net 8 IExceptionHandler

Before this we used to use a filter (GlobalExceptionFilter) to handle exceptions at one place. .Net 8 has a new IExceptionFilter middleware which can be used to filter the exceptions. For more look at: Handle errors in ASP.NET Core | Microsoft Learn The new exception handler keeps information in Features property. So, If you face

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