Install Windows On Hetzner Cloud Server

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  • Deploy a server with minimum below configuration:
  • 4GB RAM, 40 GB DISK
  • Choose any Linux version
  • Now use the web console to access the VPS. The icon will be in the server overview.
The red circle is console icon
  • Go to ISO images section and mount Windows server of your choice.
  • Now Turn off the server. The icon at the right of console icon is used for that purpose.
  • Now Turn on the server. As soon as the server starts click connect in web console.
  • Now there will option of Press Any Key to Boot From CD/DVD. Press Enter and hopefully you will see the booting process. If not then try restarting the server.
  • Linux grub may show the options to choose for booting. In that case click the ctrl+shift+esc button on web console. That will redirect you to same screen as just above step and you have to press enter to enter the boot process of windows.
  • Choose the Standard Desktop Experience option when asked for version of windows. (You can choose other if know what you are doing.)
  • When the windows asks for disk to install to, Go to ISO images section of Hetzner cloud console and mount virtio 0.1.160 (This will unmount the windows. we will remount the windows later).
  • Now click on Load Driver option and Go to mounted image -> vioscsi -> 2k16 and choose amd folder (Here 2k16 means server 2016. So choose the right folder).
  • After that click next for driver installation and mount the same windows ISO file as you did previously.
  • Now delete the partition and click on create new and continue with installation.
  • After the installation is complete, windows will restart. Now we need to install Ethernet driver. Remount the virtio ISO image again.
  • Go to Device Manager and choose the Ethernet Adapter (it may vary) option. It will have an exclamation mark (!) on it. Right click on it and click on ‘Update driver’ Option -> now choose to install from computer and click browse and go to mounted image -> NetKVM -> 2k16 and choose amd folder (again take care of windows version).
  • After driver update go to Server manager -> Local Server and change two options : 1. Turn off ‘IE Enhanced Security configuration’ for both Administrator and Users. 2. Enable ‘Remote Desktop’ option (Uncheck ‘Allow Connections only from computers running Remote Desktop with Network Level Authentication (recommnded)’ option.) and click apply -> OK.
  • Now you can connect to your server with RDP.
  • Also read How to mount volume with your windows server for Hetzner cloud.
  • For any clarification comment below.