Setup VPS as SeedBox Centos7

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You should have access to SSH (Terminal).

Now use the following command to update the system:

yum -y update

Now reboot the system using ” reboot ” Command.

Now install wget utility

yum -y install wget

After it, we need to download a .sh file. Use the following command to do it:


Now run the script


Wait for it to complete….

You will have deluge running on port 8112. You can use your browser to use it. The default password is ‘deluge’ and you need to connect to the server (it will show a dialog box to start the daemon) and connect to it at first and also should change the password.

Your downloads will be in directory /var/lib/deluge/Downloads and you can download them via http using url : http://yourdomain(ip):8080

Where yourdomain can be your domain name or ip.