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On your Mac, you can use Terminal to see the amount of data you’ve written to your drive.

  1. Open Terminal and enter the “diskutil list” command.
  2. Find your physical drive on the list, which includes partitions and virtual disks. In my case, my physical is disk0.
  3. Enter this command: “iostat -Id disk0” or similar (depending on the number for your drive).

You will see three values listed:

  • KB/t = kilobytes per transfer
  • xfrs = number of transfers
  • MB = number of megabytes transferred

The value listed under MB is the total number of megabytes that you have written to your drive from when it was first installed to now.

Windows doesn’t have a built-in way to check the amount of data you’ve written to disk, so you must instead turn to a third-party application. I use¬†CrystalDiskInfo, a free program that’s easy to use.

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