IOS build phase auto localization of permission (React native)

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The problem is we don’t want to maintain the translations at two places. One in ‘.json’ files in Javascript and other in ‘xx.lproj/InfoPlist.strings’ files.

The following code will help you auto copy the permissions. You may need to modify it somewhat.

# Type a script or drag a script file from your workspace to insert its path.
langFiles=("en" "en" "ar" "es" "ja" "ko" "mn" "my" "ru" "th" "vi" "zh_my" "zh")
targetFiles=("en" "English" "ar" "es" "ja" "ko" "mn" "ms" "ru" "th" "vi" "my" "zh")
keys=("" "common.permissionIOS.microphone" "common.permissionIOS.photoLibrary" "common.permissionIOS.contacts")
permissionName=("NSCameraUsageDescription" "NSMicrophoneUsageDescription" "NSPhotoLibraryUsageDescription" "NSContactsUsageDescription")
for index in "${!langFiles[@]}"; do
  #Copy specific keys values from langFiles to targetFiles
  #Don't add any space before 'END'. Otherwise it will be considered as text and not the end.
  localizedFileContent=$(cat <<-END
      Copyright © Company. All rights reserved.
   for keyIndex in "${!keys[@]}"; do
      #read key line from json
      line=$(grep ${keys[$keyIndex]} $langPath)
      #split line
      splitKeyValue=$(echo $line | cut -d ":" -f 2)
      #try remove spaces and ',' from end
      value=$(echo ${splitKeyValue} | sed -E 's/[,\s\r\n]+$//g')
      value=${value/,/} # for unicode characters, sed command not working. so removing ',' other way
      value=$(echo $value|tr -d '\r\n')
      value=$(echo $value|tr -d '\n')
      #append to localizedFileContent
      echo "$localizedFileContent"
   echo "$localizedFileContent"
   #Save the localizedFileContent to targetFile
   echo "$localizedFileContent" > "$targetFilePath"

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