React native add test Ids to the components

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To allow the test tools to select the UI components in the app for automation of testing, we need to give a testId to each element. You use the following method to maintain it:

Define a file with ids that you will giving and a helper function which will return the needed props:

export interface ITestProps {
  testId: string;
  accessibilityLabel: string;

export const createTestProps = (id: string): ITestProps => {
  return {testId: id, accessibilityLabel: id};

export const TestIds = {
  Screen1: {
    Field1: 'Filed1Id',
    Field2: 'Field2Id'

Now you can use it the following way:

<TextInput {...createTestProps(TestIds.Screen1.Field1)}/>

Off-course you name the ids logically 🙂

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