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Get network information android

If you need the almost complete network information then please refer to the code on below link: The code at link is being used by a google project, so you can trust that it is one of the best ways to determine network information. The code is almost fully cooked, now you just need

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IOS get time in Nanoseconds Or Milliseconds

To get the time in nano seconds or milli seconds use the following code snippet: For more on this look into the IOS docs: mach_absolute_time | Apple Developer Documentation There is another method now, which we can use directly and make it more concise: For more details of the IOS version support check the chromium

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Android get time in milliseconds

If you need to get the time in milliseconds in android then you can use the following code snippet: Now above code snipped will give you time since the system has been rebooted in milliseconds. In some case it would be sufficient to find how may milliseconds has been taken by any operation. Now there

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