Fit an image to a specific board/screen

To fit an image to a screen we need to calculate the dimentions first. On browsers it’s easy to do, because they calculate in internally, but on when we move to native side, then we have to calculate the size. The following code will help you to achieve that. Cheers and Peace out!!!

React native ‘Realm’ error while cloning object.

Today I faced an issue, where I had an array in a schema. After reading the record from realm database, I was converting that record to a JSON manually (We should generally use the toJSON method provided realmJS). I had copied all the values into a new object but assigned an array as it is … Read more

Android: Project ‘XXXXX’ not found in root project ‘XXXXXX’

Sync may be required Solution Delete .gradle folder (which is in project’s root folder), and in Android Studio, from File menu click “Sync Project with Gradle Files” option. Reason Once this happened to me after switching Git branches: In branch feature/a I had a Gradle module named a. In branch feature/b there was no module … Read more