Chrome extensions Intro

If you know Javascript then it is very easy to create an extension for chrome. Search for chrome extension docs and you will find each and every API that you can use. But there are few things I would be writing, that would help you start quickly. => The ‘manifest.json’ file is the starting point … Read more

React redux and saga pattern.

This is a simple pattern that will provide react hook and react higher component to get the state from redux and register the actions. First create a ts file with an initial state, reducers, and saga effects: In the above code, the namespace must be the first part of the type in effects and reducers … Read more

Add LESS support in Creat-react-app

Right now creat-react-app supports SASS by default. So to add less support we need to eject first and then edit “webpack.config.js” file. To eject configuration run following command: And install less loader and less Now search following: And replace with Now we need to replace SASS loader with less loader. Find the following lines: in … Read more

React Hooks Main Points To Note From Documentation

useState() : Takes One argument – the initial value of variable Uses Array destructuring feature. e.g. := const [variableName, functionName] = useState(value) Where : variableName : that will be stored in state functionName: The that will be used to set the value of variableName value : the initial value of variable variableName useEffect() : The … Read more