WordPress OpenLitespeed Server 404 on any Link (pages, posts)

As I have been trying to move to litespeed server from apache, I have faced an issue with subroutes i.e. pages and posts. WordPress uses .htaccess for URL rewriting, but OpenLitespeed is not a drop-in replacement for Apache web server (yeah I know, it’s drop-in replacement for enterprise edition). So, after I tried updating .htaccess … Read more

OpenLiteSpeed Server vHost cofiguration using terminal (With Let’s Encrypt SSL)

You can configure your virtual host using WebAdmin. But if you prefer, the terminal way, then follow the following steps. The virtual host configuration is mainly kept in directory: In the above directory you can see a file named: ‘httpd_config.conf’. Which is the main configuration file for the litespeed server. Every virtual configuration file has … Read more

Install LiteSpeed Server, PHP 8, Mysql on CentOS 8

Update: For latest steps. Visit Here. LiteSpeedServer is better then Apache server in terms of handling high visitor count. So today I will posting how I installed the ListSpeedServer, PHP 8 and Maria DB (MySQL) server on CentOS 8. Sit tight as it would not take long as long as you have terminal access to … Read more

Install aria2 1.35.0 on CentOS 8

I have created a rpm with latest source of aria2. This rpm is built for centos 8 and may not work on other versions of CentOS. You can download the latest rpm from link below: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/s/cxzijq4dwaxxg4o/aria2-1.35.0-0.x86_64_centos8.rpm If you have CentOS 7 then please visit: Install on CentOS 7 To install use the following command: The … Read more

Upgrading PHP 7.4 to PHP 8 on CentOS 8

Below are the commands you should run in order to upgrade to PHP 8 You may face issue like In that case simply remove the old extension. For example to resolve above error I had to remove mysql extension by using following command: And now you can check the php version by using following command … Read more

Conditional Operator Causing Unoptimized Linq Queries

Today, I was debugging a .net core API. It was taking more than a minute to execute for a simple query which was fetching two-three related entities also. When I started going through the console for the generated SQL, I figured out that the query is split into three parts and each part was taking … Read more