Install LiteSpeed Server, PHP 8.1, Mysql (MariaDB) on AlmaLinux (RHEL)

For older post visit here. Run the following commands in order: While executing last from above list, you face error “nothing provides …”. To resolve this run: Then continue: Edit the server config file: and replace ‘lsphp73’ (version could be different) With Now you have installed LiteSpeed server with PHP 8.1 Your admin URL … Read more

Test Deep Link IOS and Android Simulators

Use the following command for android and IOS when the emulator/simulator is running: For IOS just change the flag like below That’s it. Other way on IOS is sending a message in simulator and then clicking on that. But on android only https and http schemes can be tested with messaging app.

Create IPA React Native

Get the .app file: react-native run-ios –configuration=release .app file path Build/Products/Release/”<Your_Filename>.app”. In my Case it was: Convert .app to .ipa : Create folder Payload. paste .app file into Payload folder. compress the Payload folder. change the name you want and put extension as .ipa.


On your Mac, you can use Terminal to see the amount of data you’ve written to your drive. Open Terminal and enter the “diskutil list” command. Find your physical drive on the list, which includes partitions and virtual disks. In my case, my physical is disk0. Enter this command: “iostat -Id disk0” or similar (depending … Read more

Select Xcode to use React Native

First ensure the required version is installed. If only one version is there then there is no need for this step. If you are using multiple versions then use the following command to change: Now your react native for IOS will use the above Xcode. Cheers and Peace Out!!!

XCode 12 on MacOS Monterey

Open Terminal and paste following: is the name of the Xcode app. It could be something else if you have renamed it. Cheers and Peace out !!!

C# | Where Value types and Reference Types are Stored?

Reference types are always stored on Heap. But value types are stored on based on where they are declared. Value types declared as class members will be allocated on Heap. Value types declared in function arguments, inside function are allocated on Heap. Value type in struct will depend on where the struct has been created. … Read more