IOS deep linking. All you need to know

Official tutorial from WWDC: Example of association file: The app id is combination of: Application Id + Application package identifier. You can find your appId against the identifier you have created on apple developer account. You also need to enable ‘Associated domains’ capability in your identifier settings from developer account. Detailed articles: Reddit association … Read more

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Git export a commit and apply to another branch

Git difference between cherry pick and patch. There are some cases where you have committed a code on one branch and later you have apply the same changes to different branch, but not other commits before or after that are not on other branch. For that you have to export the patch using format-patch command … Read more

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Scaffold Command line MAC

In the above command, ‘ConnectionString’ is the string that you use to connect with sql server. ‘Provider’ is the driver (nuget package) that will help you to interact with the sql server. e.g. for MySQL we could use ‘Pomelo.EntityFrameworkCore.MySql’ nuget package, for MSSQL we could use ‘Microsoft.EntityFrameworkCore.SqlServer’

Elastic search configure nodes to join (Linux/Unix)

Configure other nodes to join this cluster: • On this node:   ⁃ Create an enrollment token with `bin/elasticsearch-create-enrollment-token -s node`.   ⁃ Uncomment the setting at the end of config/elasticsearch.yml.   ⁃ Restart Elasticsearch. • On other nodes:   ⁃ Start Elasticsearch with `bin/elasticsearch –enrollment-token <token>`, using the enrollment token that you generated.

Install LiteSpeed Server, PHP 8.1, Mysql (MariaDB) on AlmaLinux (RHEL)

For older post visit here. Run the following commands in order: While executing last from above list, you face error “nothing provides …”. To resolve this run: Then continue: Edit the server config file: and replace ‘lsphp73’ (version could be different) With Now you have installed LiteSpeed server with PHP 8.1 Your admin URL … Read more

Test Deep Link IOS and Android Simulators

Use the following command for android and IOS when the emulator/simulator is running: For IOS just change the flag like below That’s it. Other way on IOS is sending a message in simulator and then clicking on that. But on android only https and http schemes can be tested with messaging app.