C# | Where Value types and Reference Types are Stored?

Reference types are always stored on Heap. But value types are stored on based on where they are declared. Value types declared as class members will be allocated on Heap. Value types declared in function arguments, inside function are allocated on Heap. Value type in struct will depend on where the struct has been created. … Read more

MSSQL Add full text search (Linux)

If you need to add a full text search index on you column, then you need to add an extra package. You can install it by using the following command: If the package is not found, then you need to go to Windows Docs to install the required repository. After that you just to need … Read more

Install any perl module on CentOS

First make user CPAN is installed. To check run ‘cpan’ command. If it is installed then you be in the cpan CLI. To quit the CLI write ‘q’ and press enter. If not installed please go here To install any module, use following command: In above command ‘SHA’ is the module that is installed.

Install CPAN on CentOS

CPAN allows to install perl modules. Use following command to install CPAN: Then configure it using following command: Most of the configuration could be done automatically. So choose that option. To quit the cpan CLI write ‘q’ and press enter.

List all available devices (Simulators) on Mac

Use the following command to check the available devices: What you can do with the above is, while developing the react native apps, you may want to select specific device and IOS version. So, you could use it like: This way you will have full control for the device to test on.

Reset Android Studio on Mac

Delete the following folder: ~/Library/Application Support/Google/AndroidStudio4.1 Please check for the version in name ‘AndroidStudio4.1′, as it could be different depending on which version you are using. You may also find folders with older Android Studio versions.

Compatible side by side NDK version was not found

Go to SDK manager => Appearance and Behavious => System Settings => Android SDK => and install NDK side by side. It could be tricky to find the compatible version with your application. For android API level 29, version 20.1.5948944 worked. So, if you are trying some older API level you should try some older … Read more